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Today we are talking about a beautiful place whose name is Mathura and we also tell you about the Famous Temple of Mathura whose name is (Prem Mandir Mathura). KrishnaBhumi which is called the city of food, is situated on the banks of river Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh, which is at a distance of 160 km from Delhi and 60 km from Agra. There is a railway station in KrishnaBhumi and here trains come from almost every direction and also there is a surrounding area. There is also a good facility for buses from the city. There is no airport in Mathura but due to the proximity to Delhi from here, one does not feel like going to the airport.

The most famous thing to eat in KrishnaBhumi is Bedai Puri which is made on the basis of shubha bhat and is very famous here. People here like to eat this puri for breakfast. Along with this, Rasghulla here is also very famous. The cost of bedai puri here is 20 rupees. Other food items here are also famous like milk, rabri and lassi and mathura. It is considered to be the birthplace of Krishna and he liked butter and that is why things made from milk in Mathura are famous.

In our blog we will give you information about Distance from Mathura to Vrindavan , Delhi to Mathura Distance, Distance from Delhi to Mathura and weather Mathura If you come to KrishnaBhumi during summers then you should avoid traveling here because it gets very hot here during summers. With the onset of summer, all the temples here are closed from 12 o’clock to 4 o’clock, so keep this in mind and prefer to go to the temples after 4 o’clock.

Famous Places In Mathura

There are many places to visit in KrishnaBhumi but today we will tell you a little about Kansa Fort. This fort is named after Krishna’s maternal uncle Kansa. By the way, this place is not for tourists but if you want to visit here then you can come here on special request. This fort has been standing here since ancient times and from here you get to see beautiful views of the Yamuna. Vishram Ghat is found near the fort of Kans. 

It is believed that Lord Krishna rested here after killing Kans, hence the place is known as Vishram Ghat. At Vishram Ghat in the evening time Yamuna comes and if you go here by nooka vihar then you will find its other side. In the streets of Vishram Ghat you will see buildings and shops as old as your life which will remind you of the old times. And will make you feel like a native place.In our blog we will give you information about Distance from Mathura to Vrindavan , Delhi to Mathura Distance, Distance from Delhi to Mathura and Weather Mathura


 If you come to KrishnaBhumi, you will definitely visit here where Shri Krishna was born, you will get peace and this place is also considered to be one of the most famous places for tourists. Here you will get to see a person just like you. By looking at this you can guess how famous this place is. Cameras and any electronic items are not allowed here. This place is very good for evening time because during evening time here you will get to see lighting till the end.


The name of the most famous market of KrishnaBhumi is Holy Gate where you can easily get everything you need from shopping to food. This is the main market of KrishnaBhumi. You can get all the things of your daily use from here. All the markets of KrishnaBhumi are available on Tuesday. Why don’t you remember that you should keep in mind that you came here on Tuesday, after coming from the Holy Gate, you will also go to the center of Mathura after going here, you will feel like a royal because it is here. Bahut is famous, the food here is also good and you will like the token system here too.

Prem Mandir Mathura

Along with other things in Mathura, Prem Mandir Mathura is also very famous. Prem Mandir is made of Italian marble and the use of marble further enhances the beauty of this temple. This temple was inaugurated by Jagat Guru Kripalo Maharaj on 14 January 2001. Nearly 1000 people from Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have come together to build Prem Mandir. After 11 years this temple was ready. This temple was opened for public darshan on 17 Feb 2012. Prem Mandir Mathura is a very famous temple built with approx 150 crore rupees, you can feel its beauty after visiting here. And you will also like the clothes coming out of this temple.

This temple is built on 54 acres of land and is dedicated to Shree Radha Krishna with her love. Its name is Prem Mandir. It is what the people here love. This temple is built on the main road here. At a short distance from this place you will also get to see Vrindavan so you can enjoy both the places here. You will get to see Shri Krishna’s funeral processions around the temple which you will like as per your wish. If you come to the temple then there are some timings which you should keep in mind. It opens 3 times a day. It opens at 5:30 in the morning and closes at 6:30. Jata hai. Then at 8:30 the temple opens again and Arti takes place.

 And then at 11:30 the Bhog is offered and then at 12 o’clock the doors of the temple are closed. Then this temple opens again at 4:30 pm. And it remains open till 8:30. Laser lights have been installed on all four sides of Prem Mandir,which change color after 30 seconds. This temple is as beautiful as it is in the morning, but it is even more beautiful at night, but if you ever come here, you must enjoy the night. There is also a canteen inside this temple where you can relax and have breakfast. And Kripalu Maharaj’s hospital is also built here. All Ayurvedic things are treated here and the poor get the facility of free treatment here. So, this is the main information about Prem Mandir Mathura, you will definitely like this information.

Distance from Mathura to Vrindavan

Distance from Mathura to Vrindavan

Now we will tell you the distance from Mathura to Vrindavan. If you ever want to come here then definitely remember these things. The distance from Mathura to Vrindavan is approx 10 Km. If you want to come here by bus then you can sit here on regular buses. Coming by bus will take you approx 10 to 20 minutes. If you want to come here by train then there is no train here because this place is very close by so you can come here by bus.

Delhi to Mathura Distance

Delhi to Mathura Distance

Delhi to Mthura distance is Approx 182 km. We will tell you how to reach here by bus, train and flight. To reach here by bus, you can take a bus till Mathura and it will take 3-4 hours to reach here by bus. To reach here by train, you can take Mathura ISBT express, Taj Express or Shatabdi Express from New Delhi, with the help of which you will reach here in 2-3 hours. Now we will give you information about how to reach here by plane, There is no direct flight from Delhi to Mathura, first you can take a plane from Indira Gandhi airport to Agra Airport which is the nearest airport to Mathura. And you will be here within 1-2 hours. This is complete information about the Distance from Delhi to Mathura.

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